Tsania Marwa’s Shocking Message for People Who Are Unjust to Her Children

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1NEWS – Effort Tsania Marwa to meet, and even carry out the child custody execution of Syarif and Aisyah Sabira, the ex-husband always prevented them. Since the chaos in the household became public consumption, Atalarik Syach brought the children to his house.

By the Cibinong Religious Court, in February 2021 it was decided that Tsania Marwa had custody of her two children. Never handing over the children to Marwa, Thursday (29/4), court officials accompanied Marwa to pick up the children at Atalarik’s residence.

The pick-up was dramatic. The children locked themselves in the room. Atalarik’s family who were there said they had lost the key and could not help open the door to their son’s room. According to Marwa, the children deliberately locked the door for fear of being kidnapped by their own mother.

After being persuaded through the window, the children wanted to open the door. Marwa’s brief meeting with the children was emotional. In the middle of the miss meeting, suddenly the defendant’s lawyer uttered words that made the children frightened until they entered the room again. Not wanting to traumatize her, Marwa chose to retreat and go home.

Tsania Marwa re-spill the longing for children on Instagram. Sharing a photo with Syarif wearing a Juventus soccer club jersey, Marwa mentioned the law of sowing and reaping. God’s promise is certain. It’s just a matter of time for him and the children to be together again like before.

“I don’t get bored, I ask for prayers so that Syarif and Shabira and my children can gather again in good health and happy in the hereafter. Amen, God,” hoped Marwa, who has been separated from her children since 2017.

It’s up to Marwa if people hate and punish her. But unconsciously, they also punish and do wrong to their children. Marwa emphasized that their unjust attitude would never be forgiven.

“That’s something I don’t forgive in the hereafter! In the hereafter I am not pleased with those who have wronged my children. Allah does not sleep! O Allah, show Your power to those who have wronged my children. Amen, O Allah. ,” say Tsania Marwa without mentioning the people in question.


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