Viral First Act Later, KPI’s Attitude Towards Saipul Jamil’s Glorification on TV Without Strict Sanctions

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1NEWS – The Central Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) which initially remained silent on the grounds that there were no rules prohibiting it, finally began to take action against the emergence of Saipul Jamil on the screen. Without any sanctions, KPI appealed to all TV stations not to celebrate the release of Saipul Jamil.

KPI’s urge to take action strengthened along with the appearance of the Saipul Jamil boycott petition on the page on Friday (3/9). The tweets of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission and the Boycott of Saipul Jamil were even trending on Twitter.

At first the Central KPI did not budge, plus they had no less serious internal problems. Namely sexual harassment and bullying by some of its employees against an employee. The public does not care and continues to urge KPI to act.

glorification Saipul Jamil On the screen, it is feared that people will think that child sexual abuse is normal. There is also a psychological concern for the victim, which may cause wounds that are difficult to heal throughout his life. It’s really sad.

Responding to public pressure regarding Saipul Jamil’s involvement in several TV programs, Monday (6/9), KPI finally took a stand. They asked broadcasters to be more careful in broadcasting contents that are against the law or that are contrary to etiquette and norms such as (sexual deviance, prostitution, drugs and other unlawful acts) committed by artists or public figures.

“We hope that broadcasters will prioritize or orient the educational element of the information conveyed so that the same thing does not happen again and the legal sanctions that have been carried out by the person concerned are not perceived by the public as an ordinary risk,” said Deputy Chairman of the Central KPI, Mulyo Hadi Purnomo, as quoted by KPI.

Mulyo further said that individual rights should not be limited. However, public rights and comfort must also be considered because the frequency belongs to the public and must be utilized as much as possible for the benefit and welfare (including comfort) of the community.

“Prioritizing individual rights but injuring people’s rights is certainly not appropriate,” he said.

Attitude KPI who just spoke after going viral was regretted by netizens. Moreover, this attitude was not accompanied by concrete actions in the form of sanctions against TV stations that treated Saipul Jamil like a hero. Some have even accused them of diverting issues from internal cases experienced by their employees and currently being processed by law.

“Is that all right? Where’s the letter? Also upload a warrant for all Indonesian TV stations to stop bringing in artists who have legal cases of sexual harassment, bullying, drugs and so on,” commented netizens in the comments column on KPI’s stance.

“Quickly, a petition was made. You just took action. The viral rush has just started. Your institution seems to have nothing in front of the big TV stations. The reprimands don’t seem to have any impact and Ig keeps on repeating itself. Shame on you @kpicenter, quipped another netizen.

“The transfer of the issue of the bullying case experienced by MS,” suspected another netizen.


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