Viral, these 3 men are like Dono Kasino and Indro, Warganet: Hopefully they become artists

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1NEWS, Warkop DKI is one of Indonesia’s legendary comedy groups. The comedy group fronted by Dono, Kasino, and Indro is still one of the most beloved comedy groups in Indonesia.

Although two Warkop DKI personnel, Dono and Kasino, have long passed away. However, one Warkop DKI personnel, Indro, still exists in the entertainment world of the country.

Recently, social media has been stirred up by the appearance of three men who look like comedians, Dono, Kasino, and Indro. The figures of these three boys are named Alfin (Indro), Sepriadi (Dono), and Alfred (Kasino).

The three seemed to realize their resemblance to the legendary figure of the DKI Warkop personnel. Even netizens refer to them as The Real Warkop DKI Reborn.

Many even feel that the three boys are the reincarnation of Warkop DKI. Various media highlighted the figures of these three young people from YouTube, TikTok, to Instagram.

The fame of these three people cannot be separated from the virality of their TikTok content which was successfully watched by 16.3 million viewers. Now the man who is similar to Dono, Kasino, and Indro is expected to become a real artist.

“Similar,,,, this is a version that is not an artist. But hopefully it will become an artist,” wrote @nanabibi.lala in the comment column uploaded to the Instagram account @agendasolo, quoted by 1NEWS, Tuesday (7/9).

“Reincarnation has begun,” wrote @hasanbasrifull.

“Rather than the reborn, it looks more like this one,” said @mamasputra_.

Meanwhile, one of the netizens left a message to the three men who looked like the legendary Indonesian comedian. The account @eka_dina_aprillia hopes that if successful later, the three people will become professional comedians without insulting others.

“Hopefully your sustenance, bro… You can continue the funny and educational comedian without bringing down others… Cheer up, mas,” wrote @eka_dina_aprillia.

“Hopefully you can both entertain people like the three comedians,” said @lemari_banyubening.

For information, the names of the three men went viral after the TikTok content they created successfully attracted 16.3 million viewers. The virality of their TikTok content makes the public know them more and makes netizens miss the original jokes typical of Warkop DKI.[]


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