Should Babies Wash Every Day?

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Similar to bathing a baby, washing baby’s hair or shampooing also requires special attention from Mums. In addition to the right way, you also have to know when your baby actually needs to wash. Well, to find out more about how many times babies need to wash their hair, let’s see the full discussion below!

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How Many Times Do Babies Need To Wash?

Mums probably already know that bathing a newborn doesn’t need to be done every day. This also applies if you want to wash your baby’s hair. Keep in mind, washing baby’s hair too often can actually strip away the natural oils that the scalp actually needs to stay healthy.

Therefore, for newborns up to 1 month old, you only need to wash their hair 1 to 2 times a week. This is because babies under 1 month old still spend a lot of time sleeping.

Meanwhile, for babies aged 3 to 6 months who are already actively rolling, you can wash their hair every 2 days or so, depending on the humidity, temperature, and the amount of sweat your little one has.

For babies aged 6 months and over, when he is more active, you can wash his hair more often. This is of course considering the baby is more active moving will sweat more.

How are the rules for shampooing according to the character of the baby’s hair?

In addition to temperature and humidity, the character of your little one’s hair is also an equally important factor that you must consider regarding how often you should wash your hair. Babies with thicker hair should wash more often. For thick-haired babies who have not had much activity, shampooing can be done 2 times a week. However, if he has been doing a lot of activities or lives in an area with hotter temperatures, the baby’s hair can be washed 3 times a week.

In addition to thick hair, curly hair also requires special attention when shampooed. Curly baby hair generally tends to be drier than straight hair. Therefore, shampooing for curly-haired babies should be done less often. Too often, baby’s curls can become drier and brittle.

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Tips for Washing Baby’s Hair

To make sure baby’s hair is clean and healthy, let’s look at some tips for washing your little one’s hair below!

  • First, prepare all the toiletries and also to wash the baby. For the water used, make sure it is warm. In addition, also choose a special shampoo product that is used for babies.
  • Slowly, wet the baby’s hair. Pour shampoo in your palms, rub for a while, then apply to your little one’s head. Gently massage the baby’s head. Mums can also use the help of a soft sponge during this shampooing process.
  • To prevent water from getting into your eyes, use your arm to support your baby’s head when held up, so the water drips down the back and doesn’t fall on the baby’s face.
  • Do not leave the baby wet for too long because it can make him cold. Immediately rinse baby’s hair and dry with a soft towel.

Baby’s scalp is still very sensitive, so shampooing too often will actually reduce the natural moisture of the hair. Well, hopefully with some of the tips that have been described previously can help you take care of your little one’s hair, especially when shampooing, yes! (US)

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