What Are Diabetic Socks and Should They Be Used?

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Apa Itu Kaos Kaki Diabetes dan Perlukah Digunakan?

Diabestfriends ever heard the term diabetic socks? Diabetic socks are specially designed to keep diabetic feet dry, thereby reducing the risk of foot injuries and increasing blood circulation.

Diabetic socks are used as a series of foot care for diabetics, so they are quite important in diabetes management. Moreover, diabetics are at risk of damage to the nervous and respiratory systems due to high blood sugar levels.

Nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) decreases sensation in the feet, especially in the soles of the feet, increasing the risk of injury. Diabetic neuropathy can also make diabetics not realize that there is a wound in their leg, so treatment is often delayed.

Well, diabetic socks can help prevent this. Not all diabetics need diabetic socks. If there are no problems with the feet, ordinary comfortable socks can also be used.

  • Diabetic socks are recommended for diabetics who have these conditions:
  • Have experienced changes in color or temperature, irritation, nerve damage, blisters, and fungal infections of the feet.
  • Frequent sweating of the feet (often moist).
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Features on Diabetes Socks

Then, what’s the difference between diabetic socks and regular socks? The following features are usually found in diabetic socks:

Liquid/Moisture Absorbing Material

Socks with moisture-absorbing material will help to evaporate the sweat on the feet, thereby reducing the risk of fungal infections and also preventing bad feet smelling. The drier the feet, the more protected they are from blisters and sores. Acrylic fiber material is better than cotton material to absorb moisture.


Diabetic socks are generally made without a seam to reduce the risk of blisters and blisters, especially in diabetics who have neuropathy or chronic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels). Diabetic socks are sometimes also white on the soles so that they can indicate the wound drying process.

Soft Yarn

Some diabetic socks are made of soft textured fabrics such as bamboo fiber and wool. Both have antimicrobial ingredients and are also likely to not feel harsh on the skin. Some diabetic socks are also made of special threads that can protect the feet from blisters and abrasions.

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No Restraint

Diabetic socks are made in such a way that they don’t restrict the calves too much, as this can interfere with blood circulation.

Antimicrobial Ingredients

To prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, some diabetic socks are made using copper or silver impregnated threads, as both contain anti-fungal ingredients. Copper-impregnated socks can also prevent infection.

Soft Sole

Extra insoles can help prevent sores on the feet. Diabetic socks with padded soles can also be made of very thick fabric or sewn gel or silicone pads. Choose diabetic socks with soft soles that match the activity that Diabestfriends do: an extra sole in the heel if Diabestfriends stands for a long time, or an extra sole in the ball of the foot if Diabestfriends often run or exercise.


Some diabetic socks have sensors that can track the temperature of the feet and alert the user via an app on their mobile phone if, for example, there is a blister. However, diabetic socks with this feature can usually only be used for six months.

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