Accompany the Son to Marry in the Church, Religion Interests Atmanegara Becomes Talk

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Accompany the Son to Marry in the Church, Religion Interests Atmanegara Becomes Talk

Interested Atmanegara (Instagram/minatiatmanegara)

The religion of senior artist Minati Atmanagera suddenly became the subject of discussion. This is because he was caught accompanying his son to marry his lover in a church.

Quoted from the syndicated page, Minati Atmanegara shared moments during the marriage of her son, Catra Felder with Stephani Defristta. This can be seen in his upload on Instagram recently.

There, Catra Felder and Stephani Defristta sat cross-legged in front of Minati Atmanegara and her husband, Alexander Felder to ask for their blessing.

“Mama gives blessings to my beloved children @catra8felder and @stephanidefirstta. Happy new life,” wrote Minati Atmanegara as a caption on Instagram.

“Love each other, love, fill each other and make each other happy. Faithful until death do you part. Amen,” he continued.

It didn’t take long, the post was immediately filled with netizen comments. They alluded to the religion of Chintami Atmanegara’s brother.

“I’m 49 years old, I just found out that this artist is not Muslim,” said @jannah6464 in the comments column.

“I thought it was Islam, mb @minatiatmanagara, it turned out to be a Christian, sorry, I just found out,” said @oriflame_oriflame18.

“Ma’am, I’m interested in Islam and Cantika. Her son is Christian with his father,” another reply.

As is known, Minati Atmanegara decided to marry a different religion with her husband. They have two children.

Cakra Chrisandi Felder follows a religion like his father. Meanwhile, Cantika Ramona Felder followed her mother who was Muslim.

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