Azan Sound Remix Becomes Backsound for Korean TV Shows, World Netizens Are Angry Until MNET Apologizes – Boombastis

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Indonesia is one of the countries whose citizens really like South Korea, from music to dramas. But lately, South Korea has repeatedly done something that makes Indonesian netizens furious. It started when the Korean drama Racket Boys discussed the Indonesian state poorly, then when a Korean television broadcast broadcast the Tokyo Olympics a while ago, the TV station also gave a description that greatly embarrassed Indonesia.

Currently, South Korea is also making netizens angry. That’s because one of the Korean TV stations is suspected to have used the call to prayer in the song opening a music show. This time it was not only Indonesia that was made emotional, but also countries with a majority of Muslims. What was it like? Here’s the review.

Allegedly using the call to prayer for the opening of the event

This was just a commotion after one netizen from Malaysia shared a video, in which he criticized the action from Korean TV. The netizen with the account name @izzatielya also showed the part of the call to prayer that was remixed and used as a opening from the event Street Woman Fighter.


I don’t think the k-pop industry has played with Islamic sentiments like this once. But it’s been done many times. For @mnet_tiktok_official , pelase make an apologize to all Muslims in the world. #Mnetapologize#Mnetapologize#Mnetapologize

♬ original sound – Izzati Elya – Izzati Elya

The event is survival belongs to MNET which was released early in August 2021 and hosted by Kang Daniel. Famous celebrities such as BoA, Hwang Sang Hoon, and Taeyong of ‘NCT’ also participated in the event as judges.

Trending on social media

Shortly after opening The Street Woman Fighter program went viral, the South Korean television channel was urged by viewers around the world to apologize. The hashtag #ADZANBUKANMAINAN trending in twitter.

MNET case [sumber gambar]

Thousands of users use hashtags to vent their frustration, also reprimanded MNET. Thousands of netizens who were not only from Indonesia mentioned the MNET account and expressed their disappointment.

Criticized by netizens from various countries

Starting from the post of the @izzatielya account, he stated that remixing the call to prayer is music background for commercial songs under MNET. According to him, it is very immoral because it explores the sensitivity of a religion. According to him, the call to prayer is not something that can be used as music or entertainment. It is an insult to Islam. He also invited other netizens to use the hashtag #Mnetapologize so that MNET would make an apology.

The short video also received support from many netizens from all over the world, including Indonesia. Many netizens are raging on social media, while poked directly at the MNET account. According to netizens, the call to prayer is something that is highly respected, even when there are Muslims talking and then hearing the call to prayer, they should stop. How could MNET use it as a background?

MNET party apologizes

After the viral controversy, MNET finally provided clarification and also an apology on their Instagram account. Through @mnet_dance, they apologized regarding soundtrack used for opening Street Woman Fighter. The production team admitted that they did not know that the song was remixed. That song is soundtrack electronically registered on the official website.

apology [sumber gambar]

Meanwhile, the production team considered that the electronic sound of the song was suitable for their program. MNET admitted that they had absolutely no other intentions. They are also direct take-down song opening and replace it with another song. However, it turns out that netizens think that Korean TV is so easy to apologize, but always repeats the same mistakes.

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That’s a little review of the MNET controversy. From here, more and more netizens are disappointed in South Korea. Maybe they are easy to apologize, but in fact the mistake is still repeated over and over again.

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