1.5 Years Passed This is Christ Laurent and Amanda Manopo’s Last Communication

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1NEWS – The story of Young Master Abhimana played Christ Laurent and Kinanti (Alisia Rininta) in soap operas Forced to Marry Young Master getting busier by the day. From a light baper, now the audience is starting to get excited for a long time, seeing Young Master Abhimana who is secretly concerned, jealous, but still has prestige and instead puts forward his fierce attitude.

Christ Laurent this time really melted into the figure of the young master Abhimana. There is a strong appreciation, so that those who watch are convinced. In the last two months as a result, his figure melsat. And again, he is often associated with his ex-lover, Amanda Manopo, who also shot Andin in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Which in the story is also almost the same nuance, adopting the formula of hate into love.

Christ Laurent and Amanda Manopo, this couple broke up almost 1.5 years ago, but it’s undeniable, Christ is often still linked with his ex. “It’s normal, after a while. It must have been asked again regarding him, after a long time I used to respond to it, in fact I took it as a joke. We have been separated for more than a year, now it’s normal,” said Christ.

His relationship with Amanda was normal, like friends. Communication is still there, if needed. The last time Christ admitted to communicating with Amanda Manopo was when his mother, Henny Agustina Manopo, died last July due to Covid-19 and diabetes. At that time, Christ sent a text to Amanda to express her condolences.
“Yes, there was communication when his mother (Amanda) die. I’m just saying my condolences,” said Christ.

Don’t want to go on too long, according to their interests, because according to him now they have lived their own lives, they have moved on. I’m afraid, if you talk at length, if Amanda Manopo already has a guy or someone is close to him, I’m afraid to cause misunderstanding.


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