3 Typical Noodle Dishes of the Riau Archipelago

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ACCURATE.CO The Riau Islands are famous for their beauty and beauty, which can hypnotize local and foreign tourists to enjoy their nature.

Maybe for those of you who will move to Batam City or other cities, remember to taste the typical noodle food of the Riau Islands. The following are typical Riau Islands noodles that are worth tasting, from various sources.

Slime Noodles

The typical noodle of the Riau Archipelago is the slime noodle, hearing its name often makes people shudder in disgust. However, if you have seen the appearance and tasted the taste, it is guaranteed that disgust will be forgotten.

The name of the slime noodle is given to its thick gravy, which the locals call ‘mucus’. Actually the thick gravy is made of brownish peanuts and sweet potatoes.

Slime noodles are served with sliced ​​​​cayenne pepper, to add a spicy taste according to the taste of the audience.

In the Riau Archipelago, finding a place to eat that sells Mie Lendir is not difficult. The price offered is relatively affordable, so it is suitable for lunch while on duty in the Riau Islands.

Tarempa Noodles

As the name implies, Mie Tarempa is a typical food of the Riau Islands which comes from the Tarempa area, Anambas. However, tourists can not only find Mie Tarempa in Anambas, because there are already many shops selling tarempa noodles, especially Tanjungpinang and Batam.


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