5 Most Expensive Ingredients for Making Perfume. It’s that expensive, there’s a reason!

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Having a good body odor is one of the points that can increase self-confidence. Most people rely on perfume to give a body fragrance. Even perfume can also give a certain impression in his appearance. So that perfume is often used as a symbol of authority, social strata and can describe personality. No wonder there are people who are willing to spend a lot of money to get a certain perfume.

Usually, expensive perfumes have many advantages ranging from rare fragrances, durability, to bottles that are plated with gold and diamonds. Launching from Luxury Roperty, currently the most expensive perfume in the world is Shumukh from Dubai which is priced at 1.29 million dollars or the equivalent of 18 billion rupiah. Wow, how come there is such an expensive perfume? In addition to having a rare fragrance, expensive perfumes are usually made from rare materials as well. Here are some expensive perfume ingredients that make the price exorbitant, let’s see!

1. Jasmine flower turned out to be one of the basic ingredients of expensive perfume, even though the aroma is found in many markets

Jasmine flower | Credit by SKsidartha on Commons Wikimedia

Maybe you will be surprised if it turns out that jasmine is one of the most expensive original perfume ingredients. The reason is, jasmine is a flower that is easily found in Indonesia. In addition, there are lots of cheap perfumes that have the scent of jasmine. However, did you know that jasmine perfume that is sold cheaply is a synthetic scent? Because, to make 500 grams essential oil Jasmine aroma alone takes 900 kg of fresh jasmine. Meanwhile, to make 125 grams of original oil, it takes 3600 kg of fresh jasmine. Can you imagine, why the original jasmine fragrance can be expensive?

2. Orris, a small part of the iris flower contains fragrant oil which is used as an ingredient in expensive perfumes

Iris | Credit by Robbadob2003 on Commons Wikimedia

One of the most expensive perfume compositions in the world is oil from the bulbs of the iris flower or what is called orris. If you’ve ever observed an iris flower, you’ll probably understand this part called the orris. The size is only the tip of a child’s fingernail. So don’t be surprised, to get orris you need a lot of iris flowers. In fact, to make 2 kg essential oils from orris, it takes 1 ton of iris flowers that are 5 years old. Wow, it’s appropriate that perfumes containing orris are very expensive.

3. The smell of Bulgarian rose may be familiar, but it turns out that real oil is expensive because it is quite difficult to produce

Bulgarian Rose | Credit by Edal Anton on Commons Wikimedia

In addition to jasmine, the scent of this type of flower is actually also easy to find in cheap perfumes on the market. Unfortunately, usually if it’s cheap, it’s just a synthetic scent. Because, to make 500 grams essential oils It takes 4500 kg of bulgarian rose petals. Even though the harvest period of this flower is only around May to June. Usually Bulgarian roses are also made with geranium flowers in a 9:1 ratio. No wonder if essential oils This interest is valued at 2.4 million per ounce. Automatically the price of perfume made from real Bulgarian roses is much more expensive.

4. Oud, a rare material due to its difficult production and few in the world

Agar tree producing oud | Credit by Eebie on Commons Wikimedia

Oud is a sap derived from agar wood or trees that grow in the tropics and have been infected with fungi phialophora parasitica. This sap has a fragrant aroma so it has been known since ancient times as a natural fragrance ingredient. Oud has a fairly expensive price because only 2 percent of the agar tree can produce this sap. No wonder the oud is priced at 130 million per kg. Some perfumes that use oud include Gucci Oud Fragraance for 137 dollars per ounce or around 1.9 million rupiah and Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud for 320 dollars or about 4.4 million rupiah.

5. Musk comes from the body parts of rare animals, which makes real musk perfume expensive

Maybe you are also quite familiar with the scent musk on perfume. However, like jasmine and Bulgarian rose, the scent musk that exist in the perfumes on the market are mostly synthetic scents. Musk often referred to as jebat, dedes or kasturi. This material is made from the body of a stag to be exact musk pod or glands in the abdominal area. Even the kind of deer that can produce scent musk is currently in danger of extinction. No wonder now, perfume musk original price is exorbitant.

6. Ambergris comes from animal body parts that you may never think about

Embergris | Credit by Empreal on Commons Wikimedia

If you imagine all the perfume content of body ingredients, then you will think ambergris is a disgusting material. Besides musk, ambergris also comes from animals. More precisely, ambergris is a solid, waxy and flammable substance produced in the intestines of Sperm Whales. Before processing it smells like koptoran, but ambergris turns out to have an aroma musky fragrant and long-lasting in perfume blends. Ambergris is widely used in expensive perfumes for men.

Well, those are some of the most expensive perfumes in the world. In addition to rare items, it turns out that these materials are quite difficult to obtain. So don’t be surprised if the perfume that uses the original ingredients is expensive too~


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