6 Recommended Drama Choi Ji Woo, The Most Legendary Winter Sonata!

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Choi Ji Woo's charm (Instagram/@choijiwoo_cjw)

1NEWS – Fans of the legendary drama Winter Sonata must be familiar with the name Choi Ji Woo. After a four-year vacuum, this beautiful actress will make a comeback to the small screen through Goosebumps. While waiting for the actress’s comeback, you might want to marathon Choi Ji Woo’s previous drama.

In Goosebumps, Choi Ji Woo will play Hyun Jung, a beautiful woman with a secret. He will describe a story where a peaceful everyday life can turn into horror. The drama will also deliver suspenseful and scary entertainment that can make one’s hands sweat.

Drama Choi Ji Woo (Instagram/@choijiwoo_cjw)

His acting debut in dramas since 1996, Choi Ji Woo still exists in dramas until 2017. In addition, he is also believed to be the female lead in various dramas. Here’s Choi Ji Woo’s drama that you must re-marathon.

Contributor: Chusnul Chotimah


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