6 Tips For A Lasting And Happy Marriage

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In this era of technology, everything seems to go very fast. Starting from the process of arranging meetings, ordering cars, ordering food and various other things. Even finding a boyfriend and the dating process itself is as easy as sliding your thumb left and right on the phone screen. This certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. Because of this instantaneous process, many couples, especially the millennial generation, forget the essence of the dating process, which is actually the core that will lead to marriage. Therefore, it is not surprising that recently many online media, magazines, newspapers are flooded with news about people, especially celebrities, who are divorced and having problems with their marriages. This raises the question, is a happy and lasting marriage just a myth?

We dare to clarify to you that it is not just a myth. Everyone can and is capable of living a long-lasting happy marriage. Here are 6 tips that will make a marriage last long and happy until the grandparents.

1. Communication

As cliché as it may sound, communication is key. Starting with small things, such as sitting together, while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or evening. Here you can discuss everything you want from your partner so that the marriage can run smoothly. You also have to be able to listen to what your partner wants. Keep in touch with you and your partner, both when you are intimate and when you are having problems. Many young couples make a mistake here, namely by relying on text messages to communicate, while the text messages are not as fully received and understood as they were when they were sent.

ProTip: Don’t communicate your feelings through text messages like SMS, WhatsApp and similar apps.

2. Change is inevitable

The next tip is your willingness to change. After understanding what your partner wants and vice versa, ask yourself this question, are you willing to change for them? Change is not an easy thing, change is difficult, the change will feel very forced to do, but in the end it is the process of change that will make the whole journey of your marriage beautiful. One of the couple’s tips on a lasting marriage is to always be ready to adapt or change when needed.

3. Compromise

There is a saying that goes, “Compromise is not just giving in.” In various types of weddings, quarrels and misunderstandings will always be guests, which sometimes come uninvited. It all comes down to you realizing that when you’re having an argument, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about compromising your desires with your partner. You must learn to put ego aside, in order to eventually reach a level of mutual understanding and understanding, where neither side wins or loses, but both parties take the necessary steps to keep going and kick the uninvited guest. There is no relationship or marriage that runs smoothly and perfectly, all relationships require compromise to facilitate the process of living it itself.

4. Take care of yourself

Many couples tend to forget themselves once they enter the marriage ladder. It’s true that in a marriage you have to take care of your partner’s needs, but that doesn’t mean that you ignore yourself. Always make time to pamper yourself. Go to lunch with your friends, find a book you want to read or it’s as simple as making a spa-style treatment at home. Guaranteed your partner will definitely like this side of your independence.

5. Accept your partner

Living with the same person for a long time may come with pros and cons, one of which is being bored with your partner, and how they do things. Marriage is a long-term commitment accompanied by a form of realization and reality to accept the partner you choose. The person you know today will not be the same person tomorrow, or 5 years from now. See how they change and try to accept them during the change process. Marriage is not about falling in love with the same person multiple times, but about falling in love with different things from your partner.

6. Say thank you for the little things

Last but not least, sincerely say “thank you” several times a day, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your marriage. Try to say compliments to your partner in public, and you will feel a positive difference from your partner. Good luck with our tips, and we hope that you and your partner can pass on happiness to other couples.

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