8 of Lizzo’s Best Fashion Moments

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After bursting into the mainstream in 2019, Lizzo has become an influential figure to be reckoned with. His music resonates loudly on radio stations and smartphones, with casual listeners as well as DJs. Lizzo’s most hit singles are heard across the country and beyond–the music is hugely popular because of the positive messages embedded in every lyric. Lizzo’s message is self-confidence, self-love and reaching for life while maintaining self-control, all of which is reflected in her fashion sense. While music may be her passion, her fashion buzz is one of the reasons she became iconic so quickly. Her glamorous red carpet level ensembles are now part of legend. We’ve listed 8 of her best fashion moments here.

Jingle Bell iHeartRadio 2019 event

Lizzo gave a glamorous Christmas “makeover” at the 2019 Jingle Bell iHeartRadio, sporting a sparkling luxury look, complete with a full-sized Santa Claus coat. She paired this coat with shimmery boots, mini denim shorts and a shimmery bodice.

MTV Music Video Awards 2019

At last year’s MTV Music Video Awards, Lizzo looked like an old Hollywood movie star, in a bright red dress emblazoned with the words “Siren” (ghost girl). She completed the look with a red scarf and majestic hairdo.

2019 BET Awards event

Lizzo flashed back to the ’80s for her appearance at the 2019 BET Awards, showing off a wooden print miniskirt, revealing sleeves and pointy-colored boots. Her hair was slicked back in a curly ponytail and added a hardwood-inspired hat.

2019 Met Gala Event

The Met Gala is known to host some of the most provocative performances from Hollywood stars, and Lizzo certainly lives up to that tradition. For the 2019 Met Gala red carpet, Lizzo casually stepped into a bold, self-made ensemble from Marc Jacobs: a pink dress laden with white feathers, and pink hair and a sparkly tiara.

Performances at Coachella 2019

For her legendary look at Coachella 2019, Lizzo sported a reflective silver leotard with mesh leggings, heeled leather boots and a waist ponytail. In the second week of Coachella, Lizza wore another leotard that was covered in big red sequins and complemented by red blush and lipstick.

Movie and TV Awards 2019

Lizzo has styled at the 2019 Movie and TV Awards in a denim overall, with lace on the sides that accentuates a bit of leather. She completed the look with a pair of crisp white “sneakers”.

GLAAD Awards 2019 Acara

For the 2019 GLAAD Awards, Lizzo graced the red carpet in a trendy floor-length, neon yellow wrap dress. Bright ruffled sleeves and a strappy sandal complemented this dress perfectly and left us all wanting more.

The 2019 NBA Courtside “Awakening” Moment

Perhaps one of her most provocative looks, Lizzo made headlines for her controversial butt-revealing gown at the Los Angeles Laker Games in 2019. She received a lot of backlash for this quirky outfit as well as many questions as to whether she took her fashion silliness too far. But despite that, even when some people found her style too outlandish, Lizzo remained true to herself.

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