8 Photos Before Vs Now Impromptu Artist, Arya Wiguna This Fate | 1NEWS

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Dream – The glitter of the stage and the luxury of the world of artists makes anyone interested in getting into it. Like being a lure, many people think that the entertainment world is a very promising job. So do not be surprised if many people try to become an artist.

There are those who make works that are ogled by many people, but there are those who create sensations and then go viral on social media. Call it like Sinta Jojo, Norman Kamaru, to Arya Wiguna. In the past, their names were so well known that they even appeared on the small screen.

Unfortunately, their fame did not last long. Their sudden viral figure also suddenly disappeared from the entertainment world in the country. For a long time, it seems that these impromptu artists have changed a lot. Well, here are the first vs. present portraits of these impromptu artists.

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