Aiming for the Olympics, Malaysia Gambling Sends Young Players to Sudirman Cup

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1NEWS, For the sake of regeneration, Malaysia took a risk in the 2021 Sudirman Cup. The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) sent the majority of young players with an age range of 18-26 years to the mixed team championship between the countries.

In the list of 16 players, the men’s singles athlete, Lee Zii Jia, is expected to lead his team. Zii Jia is Malaysia’s new star who won the 2021 All England.

Reporting from The Star Malaysia, men’s singles Lee Zii Jia and men’s doubles Aaron Chia / Soh Wooi Yik, will spearhead the team because of their experience in the 2019 Sudirman Cup.

Apart from Zii Jia and Aaron/Soh, this will be the first time for all the other male players in two major tournaments. As for the women’s competition, this was also a first for all except Meng Yean, Kisona and Jin Wei.

In the Sudirman Cup, Lee Zii Jia will be accompanied by Ng Tze Yong, the men’s singles world number 90 who is 21 years old. Meanwhile, Aaron/Soh who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics will be accompanied by the 2021 Spain International champions Man Wei Chong/Tee Kai Wun.

For the women’s singles sector, Malaysia will be represented by S. Kisona, Eoon Qi Xuan. Meanwhile, in the women’s doubles, there is the 2021 Swiss Open champion Pearly Tan/M. Thinaah and Yap Ling/Teoh Mei Xing.

For mixed doubles, Malaysia will rely on two promising young pairs, namely Hoo Pang Ron / Cheah Yee See, Chen Tang Jie / Peck Yen Wei.

“The target is the quarter-finals for the three teams. This is the right time to take a risk and send a youth team as part of our preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympics,” said Tan Sri Norza Zakaria.

Malaysia squad list in Sudirman Cup

The Sudirman Cup tournament itself will be held in Vantaa, Finland, on September 26 – October 3, 2021. Malaysia joins group D with second seed Japan, and two dark horse teams England and Egypt.[]

In full, here is the Malaysia squad list for the 2021 Sudirman Cup: Men’s Singles: Lee Zii Jia, Ng Tze Yong.

Men’s Doubles: Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik, Man Wei Chong/Tee Kai Wun.

Women’s singles: S. Kisona, Eoon Qi Xuan.

Women’s doubles: Pearly Tan/M.Thinaah, Yap Ling/Teoh Mei Xing.

Mixed doubles: Hoo Pang Ron/Cheah Yee See, Chen Tang Jie/Peck Yen Wei.


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