Although Superstar and Rich, Chow Yun Fat Goes Everywhere By Public Transport

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1NEWS – Despite the status of international film stars and have assets reaching trillions, Chow Yun Fat felt he was just an ordinary man. His lifestyle is fairly simple. He claimed to find joy with such a lifestyle.

While many fellow celebrities chose to spend money on branded cars and clothes, Yun Fat instead chose to take the bus or subway to jostle with ordinary citizens while wearing the clothes he bought years ago. Yun Fat admitted that he likes to use public transportation. Uniquely, the superstar is rarely recognized when using public transportation.

“Ninety percent of people on the subway will stare at their cell phones. Who will pay attention to me? It’s like being in an abandoned place,” said the star God of Gamblers and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as reported by

Apart from his simple lifestyle, Yun Fat revealed another reason that prompted him to use public transportation. “If I hire a driver, I will feel bad because he has to wait for me all day. I will feel anxious because I know that someone is waiting for me. That would be very frustrating for me!”

Yun Fat it turns out that they often buy their own groceries at supermarkets. If someone recognizes and asks for a photo together, he is happy to serve. He also did not hesitate to give a smile when there were fans who greeted him. Really friendly superstar, huh!


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