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Arema FC vs Bhayangkara FC will be the first hour match of the second week of Liga 1 2021-2022 on Sunday (12/9/2021) afternoon.

Playing at the Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, the start of the Arema FC vs. Bhayangkara FC match started at 15.30 WIB.

Arema FC acted as the host in the arena where they failed to win in the first week.

PSM Makassar forced Arema FC to a 1-1 draw after Singo Edan’s squad had taken the lead and only played 10 players.

Towards the party against Bhayangkara FC, of ​​course Arema FC does not want to repeat the mistake and of course wants to break the egg to get the first three points this season.

Eduardo Almeida’s team also have statistical records for the last five matches between the two teams since 2018.

Of the five matches, Arema FC won three times and drew once with Bhayangkara FC. The rest, Bhayangkara FC won once.

In Liga 1 2018, Arema FC won 4-0 as hosts and drew goalless away from home.

Arema FC again won with a score of 4-0 over Bhayangkara FC in the 2019 Presidential Cup.

While in League 1 2019, Arema FC won once with a score of 3-2 when they became the host. Then when the away match, Arema FC lost 0-1 to Bhayangkara FC.

It’s just that Arema FC is confirmed without Jayus Hariono, due to the absence of the red card effect in the previous match. Automatically, the duet partner Hanif Sjahbandi in the anchor duo Arema FC will change.

The 4-2-3-1 scheme seems to be Eduardo Almeida’s choice, because the anchor duo has the potential to break Bhayangkara FC’s attack.

Bhayangkara FC in addition to having a sharp bomber on behalf of Ezechiel N’Douassel, they have a number of ultimate weapons from the second line and the wing.

If previously Andik Vermansah, Evan Dimas, and Adam Alis played from the bench, it is possible that they would be played as starters.

That is, Arema FC needs strong players to break the acceleration of these energetic players, especially Andik and Adam.

Hanif Sjahbandi could be paired with Dave Mustaine or shift Renshi Yamaguchi to the center and play Sergio Silva in the stopper position with Bagas Adi Nugroho.

From Bhayangkara FC, they previously won over Persiraja but conceded one goal. Paul Munster as a coach could be correcting their central defender duo.

Hansamu Yama Pranata and Jajang Mulyana are Bhayangkara FC’s stopper duo who are both tall. They also have a low ball weakness.

It could be that one of the two names has been replaced by another centre-back, for example Indra Kahfi, who is not a big stopper.

In addition, Bhayangkara FC has Anderson Salles who previously did not enter the starting line-up squad called The Guardian.

Estimated Line-up

Arema FC: Adilson Maringa; Rizky Dwi, Sergio Silva, Bagas Adi, Johan Ahmat Farizi; Hanif Sjahbandi, Renshi Yamaguchi; Dedik Setiawan, Dendi Santoso, Kushedya Hari Yudo; Carlos Fortes

Coach: Eduardo Almeida

Bhayangkara FC: Awan Setho; M Fatchu Rohman, Hansamu Yama, Indra Kahfi, Sani Rizky Fauzi; Lee Yu-jun, M Hargianto; Renan Silva; Andik Vermasah, Ezechiel N’Douasel, Dendy Sulistyawan

Coach: Paul Munster


Arema FC 2-1 Bhayangkara FC


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