Asmirandah and Jonas Rivanno Do not make a fuss outside the bedroom, look for the “referee” if the problem is big

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1NEWS – Like a household in general that cannot be separated from problems, husband and wife Jonas Rivanno or Vanno and Asmirandah also often face problems. Thankfully, it never drags on and can be resolved with a cool head.

Vanno and Asmirandah’s marriage is already seven years old. Often sharing harmony on each other’s Instagram, their marriage is not without problems. There’s definitely a problem. Amazingly, they always managed to temper each other’s anger before it got big.

“It’s impossible for a domestic marriage without problems. But every problem is always talked about. Talk together, you must always communicate. Don’t be secretive, eventually the problem will become big,” said Vanno quoted from the TikTok account @ch****th , Saturday (11/9).

“Secondly, even if one of us later becomes angry, it is better for his partner to give in more – that does not mean losing. And thirdly, if the problem is so big, it is better to find a ‘referee’. The referee should not be from the family either. It is better to find a servant of God , priest, or shepherd respectively. Because maybe there will be a voice other than the voice of emotion from the two of us,” he continued, nodding by Asmirandah next to him.

One more thing, Vanno added, he and Asmirandah trying not to bring household problems out of her bedroom. It has become a commitment for both of them so that the integrity of the marriage is maintained.

“If it’s noisy, we are as far away as possible in the room. It’s noisy in the room. If you leave the room, you can’t bring the noise anymore,” explained Vanno, who last appeared in the soap opera Samudra Cinta.

“So no one should know, just the two of us,” Asmirandah said with a smile.

Asmirandah and Vanno married twice. First Islamically on October 17, 2013. Second, Christianly on January 24, 2014, after the first marriage was annulled by the Depok Religious Court. The couple is now living happily with their only daughter, Chloe Emmanuelle Van Wattimena, who was born on December 25, 2020.


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