Baribe Kumalasari – Irfan Sebastian Mesra, Elly Sugigi: There is no other man

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Barbie Kumalasari and Irfan Sebaztian (Instagram)

Barbie Kumalasari. [ Winanto]

1NEWS – Barbie Kumalasari seemed to upload a photo with Irfan Sebastian. This is evidenced by the latest photo uploaded by Galih Ginanjar’s ex-wife on her Instagram account, Saturday (11/9/2021). In fact, Barbie Kumalasari shows that she really enjoys spending time with Irfan.

“It’s a fun weekend with you,” Barbie wrote in her post.

In the upload, Barbie Kumalasari can be seen sitting in a chairlift, while Irfan is standing beside her. Not only that, Irfan was also seen holding Barbie’s hand.

This upload was actually replied to by Irfan Sebastian’s ex-lover, Elly Sugigi.

Barbie Kumalasari and Irfan Sebaztian (Instagram)

He mocked Barbie who chose to be close to Irfan.

“Oh God, not far away bro @irfanSebastian again, there’s no other man babe (laughing emoji),” Elly replied.

Elly Sugigi’s reply also received a response from other netizens. Some say that Barbie and Irfan are social climbing.

Elly Sugigi and Irfan Sebastian
Elly Sugigi and Irfan Sebastian

“Usually mpok, want social assistance again (laughing emoji),” said the account @jaz***.

“Let’s be invited on TV huh (laughing emoji),” added account @ive***.

“The social assistance has started again, bud. Innalillahi! @irfanSebastian15 you are a wow man (laughing emoji),” add account @moham***.


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