Besides Moeldoko, Other Figures Are Also Invited to the Democratic Anniversary

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1NEWS – The initiator of the Deli Democrat KLB Serdang Darmizal revealed that it was not only KSP Moeldoko who was invited to the 20th Democratic Anniversary in Tangerang, Banten.

According to him, there were a number of other figures who were originally invited to the event.

“I was invited as a speaker, Marzuki Alie was also invited as a speaker,” said Darmizal to 1NEWS, Saturday (11/9).

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However, because it was still in the atmosphere of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were several figures who did not come.

“There are those who already have other agendas outside the city, factors of age, health, being in another city and so on,” he said.

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Because, Darmizal said his party was only valid as an invitation.

His party did not participate and be involved in the preparation of the event because it was the founders who held it.

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This made some parties unprepared and some did not come.


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