BU Wins 2 Times, Coach Teco Reluctant to Discuss League 1 Champion – 1NEWS

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bbn/doc Bali United/BU Wins 2 Times, Coach Teco Reluctant to Discuss League 1 Champion.

The victory achieved by Bali United (BU) in the two Indonesian Liga 1 matches for the 2021-2022 season is considered too early to win this season’s competition.
“It’s still too early, still playing two games,” said Bali United coach Stefano Cugurra, during a virtual press conference after the match, Saturday (11/9/2021) quoted from Antara.

However, the Brazilian coach appreciated the performance of his foster children so that they were able to play well in the first two matches.

In the second match against Barito FC at the Indomilk Arena Stadium, Bali United scored a 2-1 victory over Laskar Antasari.

Two Bali United goals were scored by Rizky Pellu in the 27th minute and Ilija “Spaso” Spasojevic in the 42nd minute, while Barito Putera’s only goal was contributed by Aleksandar Rakic ​​in the 16th minute.

“Thanks to the players who have worked hard from the first game,” said Teco.

“Today, despite conceding initially, the team had good focus and concentration so they could score two goals in the first half,” added the man who is familiarly called coach Teco.

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