Cagliari vs Genoa prediction, the guest is in danger of sinking

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1NEWS – Although it was held at the latest, this did not make the elite Serie A event lose its prestige in Europe. Although some of the top names left for other leagues, this also did not make Serie A dim in terms of competition. Because on the other hand, Serie A is now also quite a lot of arrivals of new players who are of course labeled stars. Even some of the top names who were still young had also come to the number one highest caste league in Italy.

Until now Italian League Serie A remains a Domestic League that is considered by the entire public of the Blue Continent football fans. In this case, next weekend Serie A will continue in the third week by holding more than five parties. One of the matches that will be held in the third week of Serie A this Sunday night is Cagliari vs. Genoa. According to the exchange online soccer betting, where, the Cagliari vs Genoa match will be held on Sunday 12 September 2021 at 20.00 WIB.

Cagliari Opportunity to Get First Victory

Looking at the Cagliari camp, it’s actually not fair to judge this team because it’s only entered the third week. Automatically the two matches that have been taken by the Cagliari squad cannot fully be used as assessment or evaluation material. In addition, the Cagliari squad in the two matches he has lived is considered to have directly met the big teams.

Even in the second match yesterday, Cagliari had to be willing to fight with the aggressiveness of the Milan fleet. Therefore, it is still very difficult to further assess the Cagliari club after the defeat against Milan. Because losing against Milan is quite reasonable, considering Cagliari’s capacity and material are still far below Milan.

But the public is quite a lot of opinion that tactically the Cagliari squad is quite solid. Although unable to develop in the first two matches, Cagliari is expected to continue to have the potential to grow. Now the Cagliari squad has only one homework, namely to restore the mentality that dropped after being slaughtered by Milan. It looks like Cagliari will get their first win against Genoa if their mentality is fixed now.

Meanwhile, Genoa is expected to sink further

Genoa is in a slump, it doesn’t mean the quality of the game is the same as Cagliari. The reason is that Genoa, who will act as the guest, is likely to meet another high climb against Cagliari. Even though Cagliari is also in a negative trend, if you look at the game, the Genoa squad is considered more sluggish.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Cagliari vs Genoa match will have more attacks on Cagliari. Because Genoa the game is considered very immature, practically against Cagliari later will be a big threat for the visitors. When viewed from the quality of the game, many think it will be very difficult if Genoa tries to win against Cagliari.

Not a few also mentioned that the big threat will be very real seen in the Genoa camp this weekend. If they don’t clean up immediately, it’s likely that Genoa will be buried at the bottom of the Serie A standings. However, it is reported that Genoa is ready to improve and try to look better when they clash with Cagliari.

Italian League Score Prediction: Cagliari vs Genoa 12 September 2021

Because later possession of the ball is expected to be more owned by the host, Cagliari will automatically get many golden opportunities. Therefore, the golden opportunity obtained by the Cagliari camp will likely bring it to the winning path in the Cagliari vs Genoa match. It looks like Cagliari will be superior and can finish this Serie A match with score 3 – 0.

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