Claiming to be a fan and giving harsh criticism, this is Super Junior’s Ryeowook’s response | Kpop Chart

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Recently, one of Super Junior’s members, Ryeowook, received harsh criticism from someone who claimed to be a fan through his Youtube comment column.

In one of the videos that Ryeowook uploaded through his personal Youtube, a fan criticized Ryeowook for thinking that the Super Junior member did not keep his image.

“Ryewook, let’s go on a diet, isn’t it because you’ve been in a relationship to be lazy to maintain your image? If it’s like that, how can you make money from fans.. Get out of the group and open a cafe with your girlfriend or whatever.. As a fan for more than 10 years, I feel sorry for you,” wrote the account with the username haiqi qin.

Not only silent, Ryeowook responded to the rude comments with a scathing reply,

“You pity me. I pity you too.

You liked me for 10 years. That’s kind of creepy. I think during those 10 years, the person you love is not me, but you and the act of being someone’s loyal fan. I hope you can reflect on who you are. Also, I don’t make money because of you, I make money because of my hard work. The time I’ve spent pursuing a career full of this effort you can’t imagine, and this is my way of life. Don’t talk carelessly. I don’t live to hurt other people. The energy you use will be wasted. Don’t love other people. Live alone forever. So you don’t hurt other people.”

Ryeowook’s sharp reply certainly received support from ELF who hoped that the fan could stop spending time hating other people. (1NEWS)

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