From Meanies to Goodies, TikTok Invites Southeast Asian Creators to Share Stories on Video

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ACCURATE.CO Six creators from Southeast Asia came together to discuss the impact of user comments and why it’s important to be kind online. This discussion is presented in the form of a video entitled “From Meanies to Goodies” which is expected to encourage empathy and sympathy for digital citizens.

This “From Meanies to Goodies” video features six popular creators from Southeast Asia, including Ashilla Sikado (@ashilla.sikado) from Indonesia, Ayn Bernos (@aynbernos) from the Philippines, Ceddy Lopez (@ceddyornot) from Malaysia, Jeynelle Ng (@buffbaby88) from Singapore, Khanh Vy (@khanhvyccf) from Vietnam, and P Ann’s Crew (@krupan.english) from Thailand.

This video shows each creator’s reaction to the comments on their videos and ranks them from “evil” to “good” for those comments. They also share the impact of these comments, be it good or bad comments. This shows how comments that may seem insignificant or mundane can still have a huge impact on the person receiving the comment, even on the creator’s family and close friends.

“When I received bad comments, including about body shaming, it had a big impact on my confidence. But I chose to delete these comments and emphasize that everyone has a unique beauty and they are like queens in their respective kingdoms,” said the source. Ashilla Sikado, creator of TikTok.

The screening of the video “From Meanies to Goodies” is part of the webinar “Digital Literacy Talk: Creating Good on Digital Platforms” organized by TikTok Indonesia together with the National Movement for Digital Literacy Siberkreasi. A number of resource persons also attended this webinar such as Dennis Adishwara, a public figure; Saskhya Aulia, psychologist and co-founder of the consulting house TigaGenerasi; Benjamin Adhisurya and Ashilla Sikado, creators of TikTok; and Faris Mufid, Public Policy and Government Relations, TikTok Indonesia.

In the webinar, Saskhya also emphasized the importance of spreading kindness on digital platforms.

“The phenomenon of cyberbullying or negative attitudes on digital platforms can be triggered by someone’s dissatisfaction with him, so that certain content can easily offend him. Negative comments and content can also trigger other negative attitudes. good, so that our online environment can be more comfortable,” said Saskhya Aulia, Psychologist and Co-Founder of TigaGenerasi.

“We are consistently trying to make TikTok a safe and supportive home where creativity can grow. Through these webinars and videos, we want to continue to build discussions about the importance of creating kindness on digital platforms, through content and comments uploaded. We really appreciate creators- our creators are willing to share their experiences on the platform frankly, and hopefully it can inspire other users to think before uploading something,” said Faris Mufid, Public Policy and Government Relations, TikTok Indonesia.


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