Genie Tuti’s house Amel: There’s a tug of war on HP, Amalia recorded a killer? – 1NEWS

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Amalia Mustika Ratu's photo

It was not the genies of the late Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika Ratu or Amel who were interviewed to reveal the killers of the mother and child. The genie of Tuti Amel’s house also has a different testimony for the murder incident on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

The genie Aljan or the genie of the house Tuti Amel testified that there was a commotion in the house on the day of the murder. Amel fights over the cellphone with the killer. In addition, this aljan genie testified that the killer was not from the family circle or relatives.

The genie of Tuti’s house testified, there was a tug of war on HP

Activist of the supernatural, Ki Sodo Buono has invited the genie Aljan or the genie of Tuti Amel’s house to reveal who killed the two. In his testimony, the genie of Tuti Amel’s house saw a seizure of Amel’s cellphone. The HP tug occurred on the day of the murder.

Amalia Mustika Ratu’s photo. Amalia Mustika’s Facebook Photo

Ki Sodo suspected that there was a murder check with the victim, and Amel managed to record the horrific moment. The killer just took the documentation to get rid of the evidence.

“So the fight over the cellphone, the late Amalia (probably) tried to record the perpetrator and her cellphone was taken. (description of jin aljan) this can already represent. So (the perpetrator) from front to back (the house), what Jin Alzan saw came in from behind and had time to see the pulling of the cellphone, then the persecution occurred, “explained Ki Sodo on his Youtube reviewing Ji Aljan’s testimony, quoted on Saturday 11 September 2021.

Ki Sodo suspects that Amel saw a commotion between the killer and his mother, and Amel later found out there was an incident and took the initiative to record the chaos in the house, but was stopped by the killer.

“The genie said that there was a tug on the cellphone, the code of the genie. it could be that the previous perpetrator may have quarreled with his mother. This is a possibility, yes, it could be misleading, it could be justification. It is possible that Amel had recorded the perpetrators,” he said.

Murderers are not family, the characteristics are like this

Ki Sodo Buono uncovers the killer through a genie who lives behind Tuti Amel’s house. In the conversation that Ki Sodo Buono had, he dug up information from the genie, Tuti Amel, who mentioned the characteristics of the killer.

“The genie said the perpetrator entered from behind, did not carry a weapon. And the genie often saw that person, the genie knew, was no stranger to that person. He’s the man. And the genie said the perpetrator was not family or relative,” explained Ki Sodo in his review quoted from Youtube, quoted on Saturday 11 September 2021.

Location in front of the house of Tuti and Amalia, victims of the murder in Alphard in Subang.  Photo: Special
Location in front of the house of Tuti and Amalia, victims of the murder in Alphard in Subang. Photo: Special

Well lol! According to the genie of Tuti Amel’s house, the killer is not a circle of relatives or family, then who is it? The genie mentions the killer’s physical characteristics.

“The characteristics of his nose are a bit sharp, his eyes are slanted, his body is not too fat nor too thin,” he said.

Ki Sodo said the genie Aljan saw only one person entering, first from the front and then entering through the back of the house,” said Ki Sodo Buono.

This occult world activist said in his Youtube live broadcast, actually a lot of information was conveyed by the aljan genie, but Ki Sodo admitted that he was horrified when he conveyed the details of what the aljan genie conveyed. The reason is respecting the work of police investigators in this case.

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