Hanging out in a cafe until it’s almost closed is not self-aware. This Worker’s Speech Makes Us Aware

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Cafes and work these days have become two identical things. As if you can’t work or task if not in the cafe while drinking coffee. This habit clearly makes many people flock to the cafe. Not infrequently there are many who stay late at night, their bottoms are like sticking to the chair, maybe after sitting on the G glue.

The well-being of the audience in this cafe raises the anxiety of the employees. Those who should have cleaned up and rested immediately were waiting for customers who didn’t even move. Even though there are some who have given your codes. Hmmm, see the explanation in Hipwee Entertainment following!

Many people finish work at the cafe until late. It’s so serious that I don’t know the time and don’t realize that it’s already done last order

A worker in the culinary field shared his concerns on the Twitter account @hrdbacot. He told me that most of his customers were office people who deliberately continued to work at his cafe. But unfortunately, many of them sometimes don’t know the time, even though it’s already last order and almost closed, they don’t seem to care and continue to work in front of the laptop screen.

As both workers, we should really understand each other. Workers at the cafe also have operating hours and have to clean up the place before finally taking a break and going home

Fellow workers. via twitter.com

Work as a barista or waitress in a cafe and working space it’s not easy. In addition to the pay which may not be much, they also have to be responsible for the cleanliness of the place where they work. When there are people who stay until late, automatically their return time will also be later. This is what we should be aware of as customers.

Worse yet, there are some people who consider the ‘codes’ of the waiters to be an impolite expelling gesture. Hmmm, right, even though I just told you it was about to close

Don’t know yourself. via twitter.com

Oftentimes workers in cafes deliberately flip chairs, wipe tables, and mop floors as ‘codes’ when the cafe is about to close. If they are like this, it would be better if we are aware of ourselves anyway. Not even offended and think their actions are meant to expel and disrespectful. On the other hand, what is rude is customers who don’t come home, even though it’s almost midnight.

It’s true that the customer is king, but a good king of course respects other people and doesn’t act arbitrarily. It’s like saying, if you are king because you buy coffee at a cafe, at least you respect and appreciate the coffee maker. At least you know when to go home. Don’t miss people at home?

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