HNW: Arabic Is Not Associated With Radicalism and Terrorism

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ACCURATE.CO Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, Hidayat Nur Wahid, criticized the association that says Arabic is a way of spreading radicalism, as stated by former Minister of Religion Fahrurazi.

Hidayat also corrected the view that Arabic is a means of spreading terrorism as quoted from military and intelligence observer Susaningtyas Kertopati.

On the other hand, HNW reminded that many loanwords derived from Arabic are mentioned in Pancasila. This proves that the Arabic language (skill as well as increasing its pronunciation) is not related to radicalism or terrorism. Indeed there has been clarification, but it is not adequate because the stigma and accusations or wrong observations have not been corrected or repealed. In fact, the error of judgment is very real.

HNW also reminded, if the observations were true, would it be possible for Indonesia, which is fighting terrorism and radicalism, to teach schoolchildren and the general public to memorize and practice Pancasila? Doesn’t Pancasila use a lot of vocabulary in Arabic, while Pancasila remains the basis and ideology of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Isn’t in Pancasila the word “fair” still exists in the second and fifth precepts. Then the word “people” remains in the fourth and fifth precepts, adab in the second precept, and wisdom, deliberation, and representation in the fourth precept. Even though all of that was taken from Arabic?!” he said through a press release in Jakarta, Saturday (11/9/2021).

According to HNW, terrorism and radicalism are definitely contrary to democracy whose symbol is in parliament. Meanwhile, the parliaments in Indonesia, namely the MPR, DPR and DPD, still use basic terms which are all taken from Arabic, namely Majlis, Deliberation, Council, Representative, People, and Region.

Furthermore, HNW said, the accusations and tendentious framing should be rejected and criticized. Apart from not being in accordance with the facts, but also because the negative framing downgrades the values ​​in Pancasila and democratic life with the symbol of the parliament.

“So, if there is a statement that multiplying the Arabic language is said to be one of the characteristics of the spread of terrorism, whether we realize it or not, it could be a form of “terror” against Pancasila and the Indonesian Parliament, many of which have been taken from Arabic,” he said.

HNW emphasized that the Indonesian people reject radicalism and terrorism. But it should be done based on the truth, not framing let alone Islamophobia. It also needs to be rational and critical, if the spread of terrorism is related to the spread of Arabic, then what about the fact that the spread of acts of terrorism in Indonesia and in the world are not related to Arabic.


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