Know What Sibling Rivalry Is In Brother-Sister Relationships

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1NEWS, Have you as parents ever found your child fighting, even though he just got home after working all day? Every parent wants their child to always be in harmony.

However, children often fight for various reasons. It is called sibling rivalry,

Child Psychologist, Ratih Zulhaqqi, said that the cause of sibling rivalry is jealousy, rivalry or competition between brother and sister.

This happens to almost all parents who have more than one child.

Sibling rivalry It often begins after the birth of the second child. Sibling rivalry can continue throughout life and can cause parents to become frustrated and stressed because the sibling or sibling fighting situation does not go away or is resolved.

There are many things parents can do to help their children get along better with each other, along with resolving conflicts in a positive way.

However, we need to know in advance what things can cause sibling rivalry happen.

Ratih explained to reporters what causes sibling rivalry between siblings to occur due to several factors, including evolving needs, special needs, individual temperament, and role models.

Evolving Needs

Evolving needs or the changing needs of children, where anxiety and the need for identity affect how brothers and sisters relate to one another.

Individual Temperament

In this case including the mood, adaptability and personality of children can play a big role in the association of brother and sister.

For example, if a brother or sister has an easygoing character and a sibling is easily angered or sensitive, this may lead to sibling fighting.

Special Needs

Special needs or sick kids, namely children with special needs or children who have emotional problems need more parental time.

This makes his siblings see it as a difference in parental attitudes, so they do some treatment as an effort to get parents’ attention. One of them is looking for trouble with a brother or sister.

Role Models

Finally, there are role models, namely the way parents deal with problems and fights. This method can set a strong example for children.

When parents are in conflict and provide an example of a good and non-aggressive resolution, this is an example that children will imitate when they have problems with each other.[]


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