Missing his son, this bus driver’s father pulls over to the side of the road to meet and hug his son – 1NEWS

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My father is a person who is so full of struggle. Every sacrifice he made was a testament to his love for his wife and children. They are willing to do anything to make their family happy.

Maybe that’s a portrait of the father’s struggle in this man.

The action of the bus driver who stopped on the side of the road to meet his son went viral on social media. How not, this moment was so touching because the driver took the time to meet, hug, and give money to the young child.

The video was uploaded by the bus driver through his personal TikTok account, @Radja7784.

“Be patient, son, pray for a long life for father #Selorejoblitar,” the father wrote in his video upload.

In the video, a little girl can be seen getting off the motorbike intending to meet someone. Recorded from inside the bus, the boy looks out at the highway.

Suddenly, the bus stopped near the little girl. The boy then walked towards the bus.

A person suspected of being a bus kernet opened the door of the bus. Suddenly, the child got into the bus. He then approached his father.

The boy in pink then shook hands with the driver who was his father. Not to forget, he was also kissed by his father. Just talking for a while, the father took out his wallet from his pocket. Then, he gave money to the child.

This heart-touching video then caught the attention of netizens. Many of them were touched by the struggle of their father.

“This is a daughter’s first love, which is her father,” said the netizen.

“I’ve been on this bus and never been in real like the one in this video. Oh God, stay healthy, sir. I’m really jealous to see this,” vented the netizen.

“This video contains shallots,” said the netizen.

Previously, a similar video had gone viral, namely the bus driver who quickly gave pocket money to his child on the side of the road

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