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1NEWS/ist/ Numbers Spread, Terror Flood Girl Asked for This Video

A video showing the action of a woman exposing the crime she experienced because her cellphone number went viral on social media. In a video uploaded to her TikTok account (10/9/2021), the woman tells that she often gets terror in the form of short messages from unknown numbers.
He also revealed the chronology of events that led to him being pointed at by an adult video by unknown people.

Called an unknown number

The woman admitted that she was surprised when she suddenly received a message from an unknown number who surprisingly sent a screenshot of her photo that had been uploaded to the ‘Unifying Nation’ FB account.

The unknown person even asked to be sent an adult video, which the woman knew nothing about the video in question.

“This is a bo**p that is viral, just chat to this number,” reads the caption in the upload in the FB group.

Scattered numbers

Not only that, the woman also realized that her number had been spread in the FB group, so many unknown people contacted her asking for adult videos.

“And here I was surprised because my number was spread in the ‘unifying nation’ group, and not long after the first chat from a number I didn’t recognize earlier, suddenly more and more chats from numbers I didn’t know others asking for bo**p videos ,” he said.

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