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Moise Kean Still Doubtful for Juventus – Former Juventus, Alessandro Birindelli does not doubt the quality of Moise Kean. However, he is still worried about his behavior and commitment.

The 21-year-old footballer may have come through the academy of the Italian league giants, but he has a bad past such as disciplinary problems and his behavior off the pitch that has drawn criticism.

Now Moise Kean is back at Juventus after the Turin football club reached a loan agreement with Everton in the summer of 2021. His arrival is also expected to replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo who left for Manchester United.

On the other hand, the Italian League giants have also warned the player that he must give assurances to the senior squad not to go off track again as before.

Alessandro Birindelli, who played for Juventus from 1997 to 2008 admits the player’s performances are good, but he still doubts Moise Kean can mature. He considered that if this could not be changed, it would affect the team as challengers for the title.

Talk to radio station Bianconera, Alessandro Birindelli said his doubts were not technical and tactical. However, it is more towards his sacrifice for the club.

According to him, if Moise Kean came to Juventus as a mature footballer he would be very happy. The reason is, it can have a big influence on the team’s game this year.

While the Italian league giants’ sporting director Federico Cherubini insists he has been closely monitoring the player at PSG before signing him back in the summer. According to him, while at the club from Paris the player showed good behavior.

Moise Kean himself until the second week of Serie A 2021/22 has not been played by Massimiliano Allegri.

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