Napoli vs Juventus Results: Koulibaly’s header leaves the Bianconeri in 16th Serie A

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Napoli vs Juventus Results: Koulibaly's header leaves the Bianconeri in 16th Serie A – Kalidou Koulibaly, who scored an own goal in a 4-3 loss at Juventus two years ago, is now Napoli’s hero when his header slams into the ball 5 minutes from time after giving the Partenopei the win.

In a tussle in front of Wojciech Szczesny’s goal, the ball was pummeled by the Napoli centre-back’s header from very close range, becoming Luciano Spalletti’s side’s second goal and making it 2-1.

It will be sweet revenge after Koulibaly scored an own goal in a stifling 4-3 defeat, 2019 in Turin. Now he turned into a Napoli hero in the third week of the Italian League match. The goal was Napoli’s winning goal after Matteo Politano equalized 1-1 early in the second half.

Napoli fell behind after an error from Kostas Manolas. The former AS Roma player almost became the cause of Napoli’s defeat when his ball was stolen by Alvaro Morata and became the visitors’ goal.

The former Real Madrid, Atletico and Chelsea player took over the responsibility of scoring goals from the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo. In a situation following a throw-in in the 9th minute, Morata could have guessed defender Kostas Manolas’ plan for a backpass, stealing the rounder from his feet and rounding goalkeeper David Ospina to take the lead 0-1.

There really wasn’t too much pressure on the former AS Roma player when Morata approached him. The Bianconeri is still quite far away. The ball is also still under his control. But the Spaniard with a lot of experience can already smell Manolas’ next move.

Luckily Matteo Politano managed to equalize the score 1-1 after scoring against Wojciech Szczesny in the 57th minute, before Koulibaly put Napoli ahead. This defeat sadly puts La Vecchia Signora still in 16th place in the Italian League standings, collecting just one point from a draw (2-2 at Udinese) and a 0-1 defeat against Empoli last time out.

Meanwhile Spalletti will be happy to accept this 2-1 win as it brings his team still at the top of Serie A with 9 points, the result of two wins before this. The Partenopei won 2-0 over new cubs Venezia and won again 1-2 at Genoa.

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