Not invited to the Tuti-Amel recitation, the family begins to alienate Yosef?

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Yosef Hidayah.  Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Tuti Suhartini and Amalia Mustika Sari’s (Amel) recitation which took place in Jalancagak Village, Subang, West Java suddenly became a public spotlight. Because, on that occasion, Tuti’s husband, who is also Amel’s father, Yosef Hidayah, was not seen at the location.

Yosef’s attorney, Hidayah, Rohman Hidayat ensured that none of his family and local residents informed or invited his client to attend the recitation event. In fact, according to him, Yosef only found out after reading the news in the media.

Unfortunately, it is not clear why the family and local residents seem to reject Yosef’s presence at the recitation. However, what is clear is that his eldest son, Yoris Raja Amanullah, was seen at the location.

“It was the residents’ own initiative, not Pak Yosef. Pak Yosef was not told that there was a prayer together, we found out from the media,” said Rohman, quoted on Saturday 11 September 2021.

Yosef Hidayah. Youtube photo of Heri Susanto

Furthermore, Rohman confirmed that when the event took place, his client was at his sister’s house, not his young wife.

“Pak Yosef is at his sister’s house, not at Mrs. Mimin’s house,” he explained.

Tuti Amel’s study in Subang was attended by many guests

The Village Head or Kades Jalan Cagak Subang, Zaenal Alim ensured that the large number of guests who attended was a real proof of the local residents’ concern for Tuti and Amel. He hoped that the prayers they had conveyed were heard and granted by God.

“This joint prayer is the aspiration of the residents of Jalan Cagak Village, we from the government only carry out the aspirations of the residents,” hoped Zaenal.

Praying together for Tuti-Amel, Yoris burst into tears.  Photo: Capture.
Praying together for Tuti-Amel, Yoris burst into tears. Photo: Capture.

Not only that, Zaenal also hopes that the Subang police will be given the strength and ability to find the killers of Tuti and Amel.

“Hopefully the Subang Police in uncovering this (murder case) will be given strength,” he said.

Full of emotion

When the prayer was read together, all the guests present could not hold back their emotions. In fact, they even sobbed, as if they had not been able to accept the sudden departure of Amel and Tuti.

Amel’s eldest brother, Yoris expressed his gratitude to all parties who had taken the time to come and send prayers to his mother and sister. He did not expect, his sadness was also felt by many people.

“I thank all the people who have prayed for this with my sister, my sadness was also felt by them,” he said.

Yoris.  Photo: Youtube.
Yoris. Photo: Youtube.

At this moment, Yoris’ feelings were mixed between sad and also annoyed. In fact, he even said, if the perpetrator is found, then he should be sentenced to death. For him, life must be paid with life.

“Life must be paid for with life, the punishment must be punished accordingly! If it can be sentenced to death!” he said.

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