PPU Regent Opens His Voice About the Unfinished Rp34 Billion Official House Project | 1NEWS

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Meanwhile, the social protection budget is allocated worth Rp427.5 trillion. This budget is used to help help the poor and vulnerable meet their basic needs, and in the long term is expected to be able to cut the chain of poverty.

The government also provides Rp541.7 trillion for the education budget. Human resource development remains the government’s priority agenda. Indonesia must be able to take advantage of the demographic bonus and be ready to face technological disruption.

“We must prepare human resources that are productive, innovative, and globally competitive while still practicing the values ​​of Pancasila, having noble character, and maintaining the nation’s cultural identity,” he said.

Infrastructure development is budgeted at Rp384.8 trillion. The government’s focus on infrastructure development is directed at supporting the strengthening of basic service provision, supporting increased productivity through connectivity and mobility infrastructure, providing affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy and food infrastructure, as well as infrastructure distribution and access to information and communication technology.

In 2022, the budget for transfers to regions and village funds is planned at IDR 770.4 trillion. There are several government focuses related to this, such as accelerating the improvement and distribution of welfare, as well as prioritizing the use of Village Funds for economic recovery in villages, through social protection programs and Covid-19 handling activities.

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