Puan’s Presence at the Conference of Chairs of the World Parliament Strengthens Government Diplomacy on Vaccines

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1NEWS, The presence of the Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, in Fifth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament (5WCSP) in Vienna, Austria, is considered to be strengthening the government’s diplomacy. Especially regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, a big issue that Puan brought up at the meeting of the world parliamentarians.

“Parliamentary diplomacy as one of the functions of the Indonesian House of Representatives carried out by Puan in Austria covers the government’s vaccine diplomacy function,” said Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Lecturer, Robi Sugara, Saturday (11/9/2021).

In addition, what Puan said in the forums at 5WCSP was referred to as an effort to strengthen Indonesia’s foreign policy or diplomacy. The role of parliamentary diplomacy through international forums, said Robi, is to increase cooperation or bilateral relations with friendly countries.

“The chairman of the DPR plays state politics against the Covid-19 vaccine producing countries through parliamentary channels by voicing the issue of vaccine justice. This is a form of struggle so that the government can obtain additional stock of vaccines intended for the Indonesian people,” he said.

Robi reminded the importance of the role of parliament in a country. Because in a democratic country, parliament as the legislature determines the direction of executive or government policy.

“Puan’s direct approach to the chairman of the parliament of the vaccine-producing country will bring benefits because the speaker of the parliament can encourage his country’s government to distribute vaccines to Indonesia,” said Robi.

On the other hand, Puan is considered to be able to raise the image of Indonesia abroad. Robi underlined how the first woman who served as Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives conveyed the success of Indonesia’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic on several occasions in Austria, both when she was a speaker in a number of forums at 5WCSP and when holding bilateral meetings with several parliamentary chairmen of other countries.

“Puan managed to convey the message that Indonesia is able to handle the second wave of Covid-19. Of course, this will be a consideration for other countries to cooperate with Indonesia,” said the Lecturer for Strategic Studies at IR.

At the 5-yearly conference, Puan also spoke about greener development in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The grandson of the Proclaimer Bung Karno even invited developed countries to help developing countries in terms of reducing emissions.

“This includes gender equality, both women and men, in world leadership. We are the largest Muslim country where women are not a problem in national leadership. The issues raised by Puan make Indonesia even more considered in the international arena,” said Robi.

“Essentially, the presence of the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the meeting of parliamentarians can bridge the aspirations and interests of the Government with other countries. And because parliament is the direct representation of the people, Puan can convey directly what the Indonesian people need to the world,” he continued.

Puan’s presence at the 5WCSP event, which was attended by 98 of the 108 parliamentary heads of various countries, is also considered important considering that Indonesia will be the host for the upcoming international parliamentary forum. The DPR RI will host the IPU General Assembly which will be held in Bali on March 20-24, 2022.

“By sending an invitation directly to the speakers of the world’s parliaments, Puan opens a high chance of the success of the event,” concluded Robi.[TIM]


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