Pujawali Pura Mutering Jagat Dalem Sidakarya Still Held – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Mayor of IGN Jaya Negara participated in the ICA at the Mutering Jagat Dalem Sidakarya Temple.

Pujawali at the Mutering Jagat Dalem Sidakarya Temple, which coincided with Rahina Tumpek Landep on Saturday (11/9), was still held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This Pujawali became the momentum for the NUNAS ICA or asked for safety by the Mayor of Denpasar, IGN. Jaya Negara with his wife and a number of people accompanied by the Head of the Welfare Section of the Denpasar City Secretariat, Raka Purwantara and the Head of South Denpasar Sub-district I Wayan Bhuda.

The Mayor of Denpasar, IGN Jaya Negara, welcomed the pujawali ceremony carried out by the organizers and the local community.

He hopes that by holding this pujawali ceremony, the sense of unity and devotion to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa will increase, because it is to balance the harmonious relationship between mankind and Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa which is based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana.

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