Recognize and Know How to Face Sibling Rivalry

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ACCURATE.CO Coming home from work, not yet 5 minutes sitting at home, the sister came crying and said she was pinched by her brother. The older brother when asked said that he was upset because the younger brother took his toy. Have you ever experienced anything like the above? Emotions and tired of dealing with a child who fights with his sibling must be undeniable.

Every parent wants their child to always be in harmony. However, children often fight for various reasons. This is called sibling rivalry, which is quite common among brothers and sisters.

Reporting from the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) page, sibling rivalry is a stage that supports children’s social and emotional development. The frequency and severity of disputes depends on the age difference between the brother and sister, the child’s personality and the way the parents deal with it.

Children are generally more competitive, so this will lessen as the child gets older. Then, siblings with a close age gap also have a greater risk of arguing or fighting compared to siblings with a large age gap.

Fighting children are not the fault of the parents or caregivers. Disputes can occur because of different fathers between brothers and sisters.

Generally, fights occur because of seeking parental attention, seeking a certain position in the family, fighting over things, friends and parental time. Whatever the cause of the disputes and quarrels, Mother and Father must know how to overcome the sibling rivalry that occurs between their children so that the harmony of brother and sister is maintained. Reporting from the Verywell Family page, here are ways to overcome sibling rivalry.

Teach How to Deal with Good Conflict

The first step that Mom and Dad can take is to teach their children how to handle conflict well, without having to make noise.

For example, Mom and Dad can ask the older brother to listen patiently to his sister’s opinion, as well as the younger brother to be willing to pay attention to the older brother’s opinion. According to a study, this will make children learn to solve problems in a positive way and carry over until the child becomes an adult.


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