Revealed Reasons BLACKPINK Lisa Changed Name from Pranpriya to Lalisa

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Lisa Blackpink. [Instagram/@lalalalisa_m]

Yoeni Syafitri Sekar Ayoe | Rosiana Chozanah

Saturday, September 11, 2021 | 21:34 WIB

1NEWS – BLACKPINK’s Lisa revealed that her real name was not Lalisa, but Pranpriya Manoban, which means ‘beloved soul’. But for the sake of luck, he later changed his name.

The story began when he was about 13 years old where his dancing talent was already visible at that time. In fact, he also won second place in singing.

Feeling that she has talent as an entertainer, Lisa decided to audition for YG Entertainment in Thailand in 2010.

Lisa Blackpink. [Instagram/@lalalalisa_m]

However, some time after the audition the agency has not contacted him.

“We (he and his family) really want to get it,” said Lisa when interviewed by Billboard, reported by Koreaboo.

Until one day Lisa’s mother took her to a fortune teller for advice.

Lisa while wearing a Thai-inspired custom on her solo single, Lalisa.  (Youtube/Blackpink)
Lisa while wearing a Thai-inspired custom on her solo single, Lalisa. (Youtube/Blackpink)

It is common in Thailand that people change their birth name to get rid of bad luck. Therefore, the idol immediately complied when the fortune teller suggested Lisa to change her name.

‘Lalisa’ itself means ‘one who is praised’, making it the perfect name for little Lisa who wants to be a star in the future.

But it seems the fortune teller’s advice worked, because a week later the agency contacted him.

BLACKPINK Lisa's Solo Debut Facts.  (Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)
BLACKPINK Lisa’s Solo Debut Facts. (Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)

“A week after I changed my name, YG called me and said, ‘you have to come (become a trainee)’, continued the 24-year-old girl.

Lisa admitted that at that time she felt surprised and a little disbelieving. Lisa has now released a solo album with the title ‘LALISA’.


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