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Celine Evangelista

Celine Evangelista revealed the reason why she only studied up to junior high school. Stefan William’s wife felt happy when she wore a high school uniform for the needs of filming a program she hosted some time ago.

Celine is known to have decided to marry at a young age, at the age of 19. He had explained why he married young. What’s that? Check out the following reviews.

Celine Evangelista Middle School

Celine Evangelista recounts experiences in the past. Not many know that the mother of four children only studied at school until Junior High School (SMP). That was because Celine had to help the family’s finances, which at that time was in a slump. Celine helped the family by starting a career in the entertainment world in the country.

“I (until) middle school because of work, so I worked first. At that time, I was shooting because my family was in a slump, again falling, and there were family problems between my family,” Celine Evangelista said on Trans TV’s Viral Coffee program, reported by HopsID on Saturday (11/09/21).

Celine Evangelist. Photo Source: YouTube

Dense filming activities did not allow Celine Evangelista to continue her education at school. The reason is, if Celine continues to study in the middle of the shooting activity, she feels overwhelmed in dividing her time.

“I help my family, so I’m often late for school because filming used to be long ago, right? Then often skipping because of how the time, “he said.

Therefore, this Italian-blooded woman decided not to continue her education at school anymore. Celine chose to focus on filming activities to help the family’s economy, especially her younger siblings.

“In the end, I was told to choose ‘yes, have you chosen to go to school or shoot’ I thought, I chose ‘yes, I’ll just leave school so my younger siblings go to school’,” said Celine.

However, Celine Evangelista continued her education after shooting activities started to slow down. He is living home schooling to keep learning.

“Finally, since I started filming, I finally continued my schooling by home schooling, there are many ways,” he said.

Celine married at a young age

Previously, Celine Evangelista had time to respond when asked the reason for getting married at a young age. According to Celine, she is the type of person who is reckless and admits that this attitude is not good.

Celine Evangelista and Dirly Idol.  Source: Liputan6
Celine Evangelista and Dirly Idol. Source: Liputan6

“I don’t know, maybe I’m a person who has something, I’m careless, I’m like that ugly. If you want this to be this, I admit that I was ugly there,” said Celine Evangelista, launching YouTube MD Entertainment.

It’s just that Celine likes small children and loves being a mother. So, he decided to get married at the age of 19 at that time with Dearly Dave Sompie or Dirly Idol.

“But at that time I really liked small children, I liked being a mother so I wanted to have children. But I was an adult at that time,” concluded Celine Evangelista.

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