Sentul City: Rocky Gerung gets house land from convicts, shifts to land – 1NEWS

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Rocky Gerung's house in Sentul.  Photo: St.

PT Sentul City has finally opened up about the fuss with Rocky Gerung over land in Bogor. According to the company’s version, Rocky Gerung got land on a cliff which is now his home from a land convict.

Sentul City claimed the land occupied by Rocky Gerung was theirs, and asked the political observer to leave the house immediately, otherwise Sentul City would demolish and demolish Rocky Gerung’s house.

Rocky Gerung got from land convict

Sentul City claims that the land occupied by Rocky Gerung’s villa stands on land owned by the company. Well, according to this company, Rocky Gerung got the land from the inmates, you know.

Rocky Gerung’s house in Sentul. Photo: St.

President Director of PT Sentul City Tbk, Tjetje Muljanto, said that the company obtained the land since the 1990s by accepting the release of land from PTPN XI Pasing Maung’s Cultivation Rights covering an area of ​​1,100 hectares in the Bojong Koneng area, Babakan Madang District, Bogor.

Then in 1994, the Hak Guna Usaha was changed to Hak Guna Bangunan which is valid until 2013. A year before the HGB expired, the HGB was split. Now, one of the HGB fragments is HGB Nomoe 2411 which is now occupied by Rocky Gerung.

So Tjetje suspects that Rocky Gerung got the land he occupied by transferring the land from Andi Junaedi. Andi’s profile is a convict in the case of buying and selling land in Sentul City and forging letters, you know, that’s Sentul City’s version.

And the letter of transfer written by Rocky Gerung was signed by Acep Supriatna alias Ucok, the incumbent village head who has also done quite a few cases,” explained Tjetje, quoted from

Sentul City is insolent

Rocky Gerung then told the origin of how he got the land which is now claimed by Sentul City. According to him, the land was purchased in 2009. Previously it was cultivated land owned by a person who had lived there since the 1960s.

After being bought, he then made a forest on the land with a variety of plants. Previously bald, slowly the arid land was transformed into a charming beauty. Complete with houses built and now often visited by activists, famous politicians, BEM, to celebrities.

Sentul City.  Photo: Ist
Sentul City. Photo: Ist

“I have complete documents, up to receipts. But strangely, they sent a subpoena that was pasted into the fence. Now everything is handed over to Haris Azhar (his attorney),” he said.

“Initially I received a subpoena from Sentul City. And it was answered a month ago by Haris Azhar. Sentul City accused me and threatened to leave this house within 7 days,” said Rocky, on his Youtube channel, quoted by, Friday 9 September 2021.

To him, Sentul City’s way of claiming land was so impudent. How can big companies just claim people’s land if they don’t flirt with BPN.

Now he also admits that his neighbors have started to get evicted. At least there is a village near his residence where it is estimated that there are 120 families or 500 people who will be affected. They are said to want to monopolize the land in an arrogant way, mobilizing thugs to scare residents.

“This is really miraculous, he should be the one to prove when he starts to master. Already having big land, they still want to seize other people’s land,” he said.

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