Sentul City subpoena, Rocky Gerung calls intelligence and 1 trillion happy money – 1NEWS

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Rocky Gerung

Rocky Gerung took it easy in responding to a subpoena from PT Sentul City Tbk regarding the disputed housing area. Angered by the subpoena, Rocky Gerung said there was intelligence and he was happy to be able to sue Rp1 trillion.

Many people are curious about the origin of the land on the cliffs of Bojong Koneng, Bogor, where Rocky Gerung’s villa is now being built. Does this have a political agenda, who is playing and so on. Rocky Gerung replied that he was just taking it easy. Although angry with Sentul City’s arrogance in claiming land, the political observer is ready to sue the company.

Rocky Gerung subpoena, intelligence or politics

Regarding the speculation about the Sentul City subpoena, Rocky admitted that he received many allegations from various circles, one of which was from the community of mothers who support Rocky.

Rocky Gerung. Photo of Youtube Prime Show iNews

“Yes, it is possible (political setting). I don’t want to guess that far. If we go there, it will be diverted as if it were political,” he said on his Youtube channel talking to Hersubeno Arief, quoted on Saturday 11 September 2021.

For the legal issues of the land and land that he occupies, Rocky submits it to his attorney, Haris Azhar.

Rocky Gerung admitted that he did not know what Sentul City’s plan was to pursue his house and the land of hundreds of families in the vicinity. Whether the land will be developed into residential or other businesses, Rocky said he did not know anything.

“But a month earlier there was a lot of news, Sentul City donated land to the police and intelligence agencies. If so, people analyze, this is a preparation for eviction of the people by utilizing grants to institutions that look strong, that is the political economy background,” he explained.

Sue 1 trillion 1 rupiah

Rocky admits that on the one hand he is angry but on the other hand, he is happy that Sentul City is taking issue with the land for his villa. No kidding, if Sentul City continues to dispute the land, Rocky Gerung is ready to sue the company for a value of IDR 1 trillion and 1 rupiah. How come it’s 1 rupiah?

Rocky Gerung's house in Sentul.  Photo: St.
Rocky Gerung’s house in Sentul. Photo: St.

“The 1 rupiah is for the material, and the 1 trillion is for the immaterial. Because there are memories, memories, intellectual conversations. The rest is a matter of our ability to postulate that there is social injustice in society,” he said.

Sentul City’s dismissal, Rocky Gerung is happy with his feelings on the other hand, you mean?

“The feeling is between being happy, finally being able to make a bigger lawsuit to Sentul City. He accused me of grabbing the land, even though I made the fence. Now he wants to tear down the fence that I made, it means he is the one who wants to take over,” he said.

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