Silhouette Artists Use This Method to Get Up in a Pandemic Period

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1NEWS – Silhouette artist of dry leaves, Gilang Mobyar Widyohutomo, took a deep breath before telling the story of his battered business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gilang, as he is known, said that his turnover has fallen by 60 percent since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the country.

“Before the pandemic, you could get Rp 15 to Rp 20 million a month,” said Gilang Mobyar Widyohutomo to 1NEWS, Saturday (11/9).

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However, since the pandemic broke out, he can only pocket Rp 5 million per month.

Not wanting to continue to sink, Gilang is also looking for a strategy to get his business up during the pandemic.

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Gilang’s first strategy is to provide promos, such as discounted prices.

“Using existing promos, such as discounted prices or buy one get one,” said Gilang.

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In addition, Gilang also held a giveaway with certain conditions to attract customers.


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