Stories in Web Series Come True, Marthino Lio Sah Marries Delia Husein. Safe!

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In the midst of the bad situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is one happy news coming from the Indonesian entertainment industry. It is known that actor Marthino Lio is reportedly married to actress Delia Husein. The news of this marriage was shared directly by Lio through his personal Instagram page. The two of them smiled brightly while showing their marriage book.

Not all artists are always in the media spotlight. Marthino Lio is one of them. Although he is famous for his achievements in film, his personal life is rarely in the spotlight and touched by the media and netizens. Because of this, it’s natural for netizens to be surprised by the news of the marriage of the actor in the new film “Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely”.

Safe! Marthino Lio officially married actress Delia Husein on Friday, September 10, 2021 yesterday

Recently, Marthino Lio managed to surprise the public by sharing a number of his wedding portraits. Through his personal Instagram page, Lio was seen sharing his wedding procession with the beautiful actress Delia Husein. It is known, the two were married on Friday, September 10, 2021 yesterday. This marriage is not the first time for Mathino Lio, because he was once married to a woman named Anita Fauziah.

Back again, accompanying the photo he uploaded, Marthino Lio wrote a caption that was enough to make netizens baper. Lio said he felt lucky to know and make love with Delia. He also hopes that his marriage will last forever and his relationship will last forever. “I guess I just got lucky… And we both turned it into eternity,” wrote Marthino Lio.

Marthino Lio and Delia Husein were previously ‘married’ in a web series entitled “Millennial Marriage”

Marthino Lio’s wedding and Delia Husein’s success became the spotlight of netizens. Not without reason, the two have indeed acted married while working on a web series project entitled “Millenial Marriage”. In the web series, Lio and Delia are told to get married. It could be said, the two were involved in a love location and continued to the level of marriage.

Apart from that, the news of this marriage was then flooded with comments from netizens and other public figures. In the comments column, they offer prayers and congratulations to the couple whose age is 10 years apart. The name Martino Lio has been in the spotlight of the Indonesian people recently. The reason is, Lio’s acting ability has brought the Golden Leopard trophy to Indonesia through the film “Like Revenge, Longing Must Be Paid Completely”.

Congratulations, Marthino Lio and Delia Husein. May your marriage relationship last until death do you part. Amen~


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