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bbn/ Dolphins Transported by Residents on Motorcycles.

A viral video on social media of a dolphin being transported on a motorbike.
In footage shared by animal activist Christian Joshua Pale on his Instagram account, Friday, September 10, 2021, the protected animal is placed in the seat of a motorcycle, with its tail sweeping across the paved road, and flanked by two men.

Christian said he got the video from a friend who is a local resident. “So the stranded dolphin was found by residents on Ni’u Bima Beach. The first to find it (not the two people who brought it on a motorbike) claimed to have told the dolphin to swim to the middle but it was not strong, finally it was lifted ashore,” said Christian via telephone at, Saturday (11/9/2021).

“I couldn’t stop thinking when I heard the reason (the dolphins were brought ashore). That’s because he said he felt sorry for the dolphins being left alone on the beach, until they were finally taken by two men in the two videos,” he said.

Christian continues to coordinate with local animal lovers. Finally, he was informed that the dolphin, which was also visibly injured, was now dead. “That was on the way he died (when he was taken on a motorbike),” he said.

Even though it is already dead, in the video Christian received, the dolphin is still exhibited with children holding fins, touching eyes, and even sitting on the poor animal’s body. This phenomenon, said the animal activist who is also familiarly called Nyai, indicates “something is wrong.”

In this case, education on animal welfare rights, including dolphins, has not reached all levels of society. “Children can do that because there is no prohibition from their parents who have not been educated,” said Christan. “Because they don’t know, they are not educated, and this should be a joint PR.”

Through his series of uploads, Christian stated that he had tagged the authorities, including the Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Management (BPSPL). “But there has been no response so far,” he said.

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