The Biggest Hair Trends For Asian Women in 2020

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The most popular hairstyles of 2019 are all about elegant functionality. Long hair in a ponytail and parted in the middle did appear on stage, but for this season, something was very different. Sourced from hair care experts, celebrity hairstylists and more, here are the top predictions of hairstyle trends for 2020.

1. Short hair doesn’t matter anymore

Many women are used to long hair, but there are still a million ways for you to achieve feminine short hair.

2. Let your hair loose

In 2020, we will leave the straighteners and curlers behind and start using care products that will make those naturally cut hair bouncy. The theme for this year is textured, whether they’re disheveled or spiral-filled, we’re going to kick all those over-organized and sleek styles back. Celebrity hair stylists recommend reinforcing your natural style with curling irons rather than completely replacing them. Use conditioners and shampoos suitable for curly hair that are fortified with nutritional oils and humectants, such as coconut oil and shea butter as well as products that help define the natural shape of your hair.

3. Beach waves

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful curls, so for those with fine hair who are somewhat on the edge of the spectrum, beach waves are part of all the hoopla. All they need is a touch of dense texture spray or dry shampoo, eliminating the need to combine different hair styling products. If needed, use a hair straightener for emphasis.

4. Refurbished Shags

Shag was popular a few decades ago, but they are back again in the form of short to long hair, because they are right for the ruffled impression that will be the dominant hairstyle theme in 2020. Style shag it’s simply a haircut with layers around the crown and wavy ends, but the contemporary version definitely doesn’t make you look like a guy with metal band hair. Pair it with messy bangs and rich texture for a “shag perfect modern.

5. Casual Edge Bangs

How can we name a shag without comprehensively ascertaining just the bangs? Because bangs are a bold action and not for every face shape, so if you can feel you deserve it, then this year is the time to start. Casual edge bangs can give a stunning, vintage look that can frame your face beautifully.

6. Short hair – the back is concise and bloomed or slender

Less hair means more freedom and short haircuts (pixie cut) 2020 is another form of protest against the excessive hair length we’ve seen in recent years. It looks a bit childish and when applied with a jelled back, becomes a couture look. This look does not provoke excessive attention to the face, but only calls for a confident form of perfection. Back it up with a little sparkling pomade and style it with the sides deep and back combed. This style can also be applied with less styling products or a more textured hairstyle direction, complete with curls and more.

7. Long, Straight Hair With Bangs

The multi-layered trend is taking the runway and magazines, this plain style is modified with a touch of glossy accents, which is still just right for this year’s hair theme structure. In an ocean of shattered textured cuts, stand out from the crowd with plain, under-layered and bold lines that make an equally bold statement. Add brightening spray (high shine) to complete this stunning display.

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