These 5 Habits Make Hair Damaged

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1NEWS – Hair is a beautiful crown for men or women. So therefore hair healthy, beautiful and shiny is the dream and dream of everyone, especially women. Various kinds of care must be done to produce the best.

Even though you have applied maximum care, sometimes there are habits that are not consciously carried out on a daily basis. This unconscious action makes hair that was already good and beautiful even damaged.

1. Massaging or Scratching the Scalp Roughly
Almost everyone has done this when the scalp feels itchy or sore. This habit is usually done when shampooing, massage the head should be done gently and gently. That way, blood circulation and the nerves that flow to the head can be smooth and you feel relaxed.

2. Wearing a Hat for Too Long
Hats are known as one of the protective equipment for the head when direct sunlight hits the scalp. But what happens if you wear a hat for too long? Your hair will not be able to breathe and can cause allergies and irritation to the scalp, causing hair loss.

3. Tie Your Hair While It’s Still Wet
Many women often don’t have time to dry their hair, either because they are in a hurry or because there is a lot of work waiting. So desperate to tie her hair with conditions that are still wet. This action can cause dandruff in the hair because the hair circulation is too tight and cannot evaporate smoothly. In addition, wet hair can make hair fall out as well because wet hair tends to be fragile.

4. Using Conditioner Products on the Scalp
It is always a good thing to provide conditioner for hair, but care must be taken in its use. Conditioner cannot directly touch the scalp, this can irritate and the vitamins contained in conditioner do not absorb into your hair.

5. Too Long Wrapping Wet Hair
This situation is usually done out of laziness and often assumes if left alone will smell better, but that statement is wrong. Try to always immediately open the hair wrap so that moisture does not occur

Writer Rara Dwi Citra (internship)

Editor Tubagus Guritno


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