This Sweet Potato Seller’s Grandmother fell asleep and hugged her umbrella, because her merchandise had not been sold all day – 1NEWS

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Life is full of struggles, and actually about how to survive. One way people make a living is by selling.

At a young age, it is indeed at this age that people are enthusiastic about working and that is how they should be. However, it turns out that not a few elderly people are still enthusiastic about making a living, even though they should rest and enjoy time with the people closest to them.

Like a video showing an old sweet potato seller sleeping while carrying an umbrella while waiting for her wares to go viral on social media.

In a video uploaded by a Tiktok account on Saturday (4/9/2021), the grandmother’s merchandise was deserted because it was raining at the location.

The grandmother also seemed to have fallen asleep while holding an umbrella that was used to protect the body from the rain. Not long after, a kind man came who wanted to buy cassava and sweet potatoes sold by the grandmother.

The man then asked the price of sweet potatoes and immediately bought up the grandmother’s merchandise.

“Hello, Grandma, how much is the sweet potato? Which one is delicious?” asked the man in the video.

“This one is not hard, 20 thousand, 35 thousand get two plastics, I will give you 30 thousand,” said the grandmother while showing some good quality sweet potatoes.

The grandmother then wrapped the sweet potato bought by the man, she looked very happy when she received the money from the man who bought the sweet potato.

“For all of us, if you shop at the market, you don’t have to bargain anymore, their sales are very cheap and they are lucky not much,” wrote the man.

“It’s really cool to see this grandmother can smile again,” he concluded.

Seeing the video, netizens then wrote various comments. Most of them agreed with the man not to bargain when shopping at the market.

“That’s right, don’t bargain because they sell for food, not for style,” commented one netizen.

“It’s a pity that her grandmother is old but has to work to support herself and her family, be healthy, grandma, be enthusiastic,” said another netizen.

“At least I can’t bear to be grandmothers,” wrote one netizen.

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