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The tragic fate of the giant python swallows the cow whole until its stomach bursts

Dream – Besides being able to help eradicate pests, such as rats for example, pythons are sometimes also enemies of farmers. This is because the reptiles can at any time prey on the livestock of the farmers.

As happened in Thailand. A Burmese python aka bodo python swallowed a farmer’s cow until its stomach swelled up. But tragic fate befell the python, because its stomach then burst after eating the farmer’s cow.

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Quoted from, Saturday 11 September 2021, this incident took place in Phitsanulok, Thailand, on 21 August 2021. The 4.5 meter long snake crawled into the meadow and pounced on a two year old cow. At that time, the cows were grazing.

A farmer searches for his livestock which has been missing for three days. He was surprised to find a very large snake. Footage shows the snake lying in the tall grass. His stomach split open.

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