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Ahmad Baiquni

11 September 2021 18:13

Dream – There is good news for those of you who already miss the holidays. A number of tourist destinations in Indonesia began to open along with the decline in the level of PPKM.

For those who have missed the cool and solemn atmosphere of Dieng, the tourist destination in Banjarnegara has reopened but on a limited basis starting Friday, September 10, 2021. This opening was carried out by the Banjarnegara Regency Government after the area was set down from level 3 to level 2.

“We will open it gradually with strict health protocols and a number of requirements that must be met,” said Head of the Banjarnegara Regency Tourism and Culture Office, Agung Yusianto.

Agung said both managers, staff, industry players, and visitors were required to implement health protocols. Like wearing a mask and keeping a distance.

“At least visitors who come have received at least the first dose of vaccine,” said Agung.

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