Tumpek Landep, Ubud Police Ask for Sharpness of Mind and Heart – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Tumpek Landep, Ubud Police Ask for Sharpness of Mind and Heart.

In the traditional Balinese calendar, the Tumpek Landep ceremony is celebrated every Sanisara Kliwon Wuku Landep. Tumpek Landep comes from the word tumpek which means tampek or near and landep which means sharp.
“In a philosophical context, Tumpek Landep is a milestone in sharpening, citta, buddhi and manah (mind). Thus, people always behave based on clarity of mind based on religious values.

With a pure mind, people are able to sort and choose what is good and what is bad. Tumpek Landep is a day of worship of Sang Hyang Shiva Pasupati as the god of taksu.

This ceremony is held after the Saraswati holiday as the day of the descent of knowledge. So after commemorating Saraswati Day as a celebration of the descent of knowledge, then after that people ask for knowledge to be lucky or give sharpness of mind and heart.

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